Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weekly Inspiration

Here is a new blog dedicated to encouragement, inspiration, hope, perseverance, and anything else positive. I will try to add a new post every week, but if anyone has a suggested addition, I am completely up for it. Just e-mail me your ideas, and maybe you will see your suggested piece in the next week's post. I would have you add your own posts, but that can get a little messy. You can comment though, on any of the weekly posts, and I'll look forward to it.


The warden said...

Question: When I post on Weekly inspiration. I do not see the post listed on the blog's home page. What am I not doing?

KnightWriter said...

Let me check it out and get back to you. I'm not sure, but I might have set something up incorrectly.

KnightWriter said...

Mom, the posts are there, but it is sort of easy to miss the link to them. When you are on the page where you read the post "Shake It Off and Step Up," you will find below the story a linethat reads: posted by KnightWriter... and I think that line ends with a link to the comments. Click there to see your comments. They will not show up in Health @ Heart, because it is actually set up as a whole new blog of its own. Let me know if that works for you.