Sunday, June 22, 2008


Just want to talk? Feel free. Use this space to just be yourself and to talk about anything you want.

Just for Fun

The title says all. Use this spot to just have some fun. Jokes, Stories, etc... Go for it.

Suggestion "Box"

Please let me know any ideas you have for additions to this blog. What else should we share or talk about?

Information for Your Station didn't make sense the first time I said it, but that didn't stop me from adopting the phrase quite a few months ago (information for your station)...

In any case, this will be a place to post any new information you have come across, which you think would be good for others to know about.

Did you find a great website? Read an amazing and/or informative article or book? See something neat on TV?

Let us know!

Ooh! Look What I Found!

Here is a place to post new items you have found that are good for you and hopefully also tasty. For example, I just learned that I really like the whole grain version of Keebler 's Club Crackers. They are just as easy to buy, and taste almost better. They have about half of everything that's in the regular crackers (less fat, less calories, less carbs). So, give 'em a try, and enjoy!

Go ahead and add your newly discovered items to the list. You can also include things that you found a long time ago, but might be news to someone else.


Here is a place to post healthy (or easy/simple/not too bad for you) recipes. I'll try to find and sample new ones as often as I can. Then, I'll share the recipe, and my thoughts about the taste, etc.

Ideally, these would be health conscious recipes, yet somewhat simple to make.

Happy Sampling!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hi! I want to welcome you to Health @ Heart, a place where members can share hopes, concerns, success stories, ideas, information, and more with regard to healthy living. My mother and father (and many other family members) have gotten me to thinking more about my health lately, and I am starting this blog with hopes that this may continue to fuel the slow burning flames, and perhaps the same fire will catch on with others...

My dictionary defines health as soundness of body or mind / a condition of well-being.

First, how has my family gotten me to thinking about my health? Mainly by example. I see the lack of fitness in my life as it compares to a presence thereof in the lives of others. I also see my hopes for my 11 and a half month old daughter growing up with good eating habits, good exercise habits, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

I have tried various times (some more successful than others) to get myself set straight with regard to healthy living. Now, I believe I know some things that will work for me, but it is always good to have support and assistance and to give the same to others. That is why I am trying this blog.

My cousins and I have talked about sharing healthy recipes and other ideas, so I thought this migh be a good way to help us do that. If it becomes something more, so be it.

So, what brings you? Share your thoughts here by clicking on the "comments" link, or you can share your thoughts as a comment to the "Our Goals" post as well.

Our Goals

Welcome to Health @ Heart! I think it would be a nice idea for each of us to start out with a personal goal. What areas would you like to improve in your health? Doyou have any plans to help you get started? Are you doing anything already to work towards these goals? You can be as specific or as general as you like.