Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Steps to Fitness Updates

Please use this space to record your progress in various areas of fitness. An example entry here might answer any or all of the following questions:

  1. How many steps are adding up on your pedometer? (I took ____ steps in ____ days)
  2. How is your weight loss going? (I have lost _____ lbs in ____ weeks or months)
  3. How about other goals? (have you found healthier eating and fitness habits, did you shed inches from your waistline or drop a pant or dress size?)

I think it would be a good idea to record something positive here at least once a week. You can even personalize it by saying something like, "This week I decided to drink an 8 oz glass of water before any other drink of juice or anything, and so far I'm doing pretty good."

Well, I will look to see responses every Friday, so if it's not there at the start of the week, we won't bug you, but maybe we'll send out an auto-reminder to everyone on Friday if I don't see all the posts. Maybe... we'll see how it goes.


The warden said...

Thursday 1/8/09

My weight is 150

I have not had any soda.I have been drinking sparkling water.
Mon, Tue and Wed I did at least an hour of cardio and strength training. I know Bob Green's plan only calls for 15 min, but I have been doing this for several months.

Since I have been doing the same thing for several months and making no progress, Tuesday I started a one hour yoga/pilates/tai-chi class.

I hope to lose 2 more pounds by this time next week. I would love to hear how the rest of you are doing.

Do not accept defeat

The warden said...

Ok, it is Sunday of our first week. After eating at the Texas Roadhouse with my sisters, I am up one pound at 151. This week I only lost one pound. There is always tomorrow, and next week I will try harder. I still have not had any regular soda and I walked at least 15 minutes 5 days last week. How about the rest of you?

KnightWriter said...

I've been doing ok, and I seem to have mysterious;y lost two pounds. Well, I will start my 12 week plan tomorrow, as I feel more ready now than before. I made a little chart to help me with it, and I am adding an attachment of it here, if I can figure out how. If not, I have e-mailed it to most of you already.

Good Luck everyone!

The warden said...

I am in week 3 of bob Green's plan. I have made a few changes to my workout routine.I have found that although I do not enjoy cardio as walking or any other repetitious activity such as the elliptical machine, I actually look forward to the classes. As a result, I am going to try to get most of my cardio through weight lifting and combat classes. I will continue to walk with the family on Mondays until Spring. I have also added a yoga, tai-chi,pilates class. The stretching seems to be doing me some good.

The warden said...

Well, tomorrow will start week four of a plan that could help us all live better lives. I do not think most of the family is taking their health seriously. This leads me to wonder what it would take for them to realize what they are doing to themselves and their children. noone said it would be easy. I know it is not easy for me. I struggle each day, especially at night after dinner. Nevertheless, I will continue. Defeat is not an option. Satan is a liar. I can do this.