Sunday, June 22, 2008

Suggestion "Box"

Please let me know any ideas you have for additions to this blog. What else should we share or talk about?


KeliBean said...

Hello Everyone,
I have been trying to lose weight for a very long time. One thing that helps is having a food journal. I never felt that I had time to journal, but recently, I have been jounaling at a great website called the Daily Plate which is now part of the Live Strong Website at

The best part of the site is that you don't have to look up any nutrition information. All of the calories are in there for you. I used to pay $12 a month for the same service several years ago when I was in weight watchers. At this site (and several others) you can do the same thing for FREE!

Even with online journaling, you will need to be committed to actually do it. I have put it off for several months, but if you are really motivated, I encourage you to give it a try :)

KnightWriter said...

Thanks, Keli. I'll add the link to the new "Neat Links" list.

The warden said...

If you have not checked out The Daily Plate, you definitely should. It is so neat. Keli sent the addressb, but in case you deleted it, here it is again
http// dailyplate.

It is easy to navigate and might just help you keep better track of what actually goes into your body. It will calculate your daily calorie needs. You are able to set your personal goal for weight loss, and it can also tell you the number of calories in each item you eat. Best of all, as Keli said, it is FREE. By all means give it a try.